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Default-user Lori Jackson
This was on our forum today. I thought you may enjoy....
Default-user Lori Jackson
I agree with Shanna and wanted to thank you again. We are grateful for any support we can get at this point. We are also most grateful to Big Viking Games for listening to us, keeping us posted, and giving us hope in the light of devastation. We have actually received a couple of these updates from them, and that is more than we've heard from Zynga reps in the past year. What a breath of fresh air regardless of outcome! I too am wearing my Viking hat faithfully and am looking forward to becoming a Big Viking Yovillian. (fingers crossed and prayers said) Your original article has circulated throughout the Yoville community on all our facebook pages, and in the pages that have been established over the years that pertain to Yoville in one form or another. Thank you for your coverage. I hope one day you'll join us and try on your own Viking hat with us! You'll love it!
Default-user Lori Jackson
Matt Liebl said:
I don't play Yoville, but it's clear that you are all passionate about your game. I hope, for all of you, that Zynga rethinks their position.
And if we are fortunate enough to get it worked out through joint efforts between Zynga and Big Viking Games, I hope Matt, that you will come join us. Thank you so much for commenting. Most of the world doesn't understand because to them it's "just a game".
Default-user Lori Jackson
This is in no way extreme fandom....... we've all cried a few tears and I'm sure more will fall before it's over. I personally have dreamed in Yoville style the last few nights. It's daunting to explain and probably can't be fathomed by someone who hasn't experienced it, or the loss we're feeling now. This community has worked together, created together, we've shared eachother's trials and tribulations in real life and celebrated births, weddings, and the works. You should see our regular forum and the Yoville Forumers page on facebook we've created to keep that bond going. Most Yovillians aren't teenage kids - though we do have a few. Most are grown up, professional people, or retired seniors..... this is the only game that provides the entire package. We appreciate your report on this, and allowing us to have a voice. Bliss speaks from the heart for all of us, and if you think she's extreme?? You should see some of the others... We've even posted a suicide prevention hotline number because in many ways, to many, it feels as if someone just told us our entire family was burned in a fire. The loss is unimaginable. There are tribute videos by the thousands on Youtube. Poetry being written. Stories of Yovillians who have met in game and married in real life. I personally met my BFF in yoville and we talk daily now in real life. We share everything and it's like I've known her all my life. I would have never met her if not for this game. Yoville encourages creativity by it's own design. I hope you'll take some time and go through the Photo section of I think the world would be amazed at what we've invested in time, money, effort and emotion in this "game". It's more than just pixels. It's an outlet for so many who for one reason or another aren't socializing much in their real lives - be it health issues, or whatever. Many have called it "therapeutic" and an escape from real life when things are going wrong there. Hard not to smile when you put on your bright blue hair and your neon heels and go strolling through the streets of Yoville. Please dig deeper into this story. This is a good start, but I assure you, you've barely scratched the surface of what's at stake here. Thank you!
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