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Default-user loljk
haven't heard too much about this game. I want to hear more
Default-user loljk
Always when I want to watch Netflix its down.
Default-user loljk
I thought you were going to explain why they hate us D: not rub it in that we aren't getting more things.
Default-user loljk
World of Warships. I thought it said World of Warcraft....I watched the video wonder wtf??
Default-user loljk
Poophead said:
im sad im not there
Everyone who isn't there is thinking the same thing.
Default-user loljk
I'm probably going to buy this...
Default-user loljk
LibraLibro said:
Wait till the news says how dangers Zelda is
dangerous* and it's only a matter of time.
Default-user loljk
This game has a crazy strong following.
Default-user loljk
Kissdafist said:
Copy and pasted the link, totally worth it.
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