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Default-user Lolita
Local co-op is the way to go. It brings people together the way games used to!
Default-user Lolita
Was Here said:
Lol how many people are going to just sit there when playing this game going 'omg his thumbs'? Like who would notice that??
Someone really high.
Default-user Lolita
annnd that one turtle scared the shit out of me.
Default-user Lolita
Kingrat said:
How is there a limit on verified jobs? Couldn't they just remove it?
Yeah but cycling things out keeps it fresh.
Default-user Lolita
How many people actually play this game? Or have played it? The PS4 keeps getting indie games and that's nice and all but I want a big game.
Default-user Lolita
How many people will actually buy tickets and fly out there...?
Default-user Lolita
Eurogamer's line is easily the one that is making me want to play even more.
Default-user Lolita
This is the first time I think we've seen a close up of his face.
Default-user Lolita
Yonkey said:
Who does his voice??
Noam Jenkins...No clue who he is though lol
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