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Resourcetap said:
I kno some people who were really looking forward to this game on their wii u. It's basically the only game they've been looking forward to.
They shouldn't have bought a Wii U.
Default-user Limp Noodle
I'd buy that. I'd buy the hell out of that.
Default-user Limp Noodle
That stupid wall hack. Glad they fixed it. People are such fucking turds.
Default-user Limp Noodle
Why tease a trailer that's to tease the game? I don't understand announcements for announcements. Kills the joy of an announcement
Default-user Limp Noodle
This unboxing made me a little too excited. BRB
Default-user Limp Noodle
Nerdasaurus said:
Thank god for the Defuse fix that was so annoying.
Ahhh I love it when a game screws up in my favor.
Default-user Limp Noodle
get sconed said:
It would really suck for them if this game sucked
it would suck for any dev if their game sucked...
Default-user Limp Noodle
Kelpie said:
300$ Android based machine that's SO stupid!
Well, it says below $300 - so that doesn't mean that it will be priced on the higher end. They probably don't even have a price set in stone yet.
Default-user Limp Noodle
I swear to god, they better not mess this up.
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