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Default-user Limbo
I think it's pretty cool that they're going to bring this to the PS4. Being developed by Sony, you'd assume that they would but simply having this on the PS4 is great.
Default-user Limbo
Cpt Luis said:
Another Zombie post-apoc game? An MMO at that? I'm done dude. So, done. The zombie genre is just so dense. We need something new.
Bro, so is the survival genre. And the FPS genre. And the Adventure genre. And RPG. And 'retro'. See what I'm getting at here?
Default-user Limbo
I bet they have to sell these parts cause they're breaking. I'll take a new cable tho. My ferret had its way with it.
Default-user Limbo
Juggly said:
Fuck yeah! Tomb Raider!
They get such good games on ps plus sometimes man!
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