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Dameon said:
This is such a hack article PS + lets you rent games because when you choose to not be on PS+ you don't have access to the games anymore.
PS+ is great, i didn't think it was worth it initially. I didn't get it until the end of last year, as it was offering Uncharted (the PSVita game) for free. Obviously it meant spending the money to subscribe, but at the time they were both the exact same price - this meant i could either buy Uncharted straight out and have that, and play it for however long i would play a game (turns out to be 6 months - im bored of it now) or i could subscribe to PS+ get the game as well as all the other free ones they've offered each month, which has included- Unit 13, Little Big Planet Karting, Uncharted 3, MGS: HD Collection (Vita), Wipeout 2048 (Vita), Hitman: Absolution, F1 Race Stars, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive 5, InFamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, God of War HD, Bulletstorm, Motorstorm Apocalypse as well as tons of indy games - ALL at no extra cost, and really after 12 months, am i still going to be playing these games? Chaces are i'll be playing the sequels.
Default-user LewisW154
"After all, neither console can offer incentives in the form of back catalogs since they aren’t backwards compatible" - The ARE backward compatible if the games become available to download...Both consoles are offering some form of B/C with the cloud. The online/download of the full game will still be able to run on the console it's made available for, so both the PS4 and XB1 could offer PS3 and 360 games in their subscription service should the game they're offering be ported though the download.
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