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Default-user Lee
Just to Add to the previous comment. Rockstar if you happen to come across this forum. Please please please bring assassination missions into GTA V. Not the type of mission where you have to kill 30 bodyguards just to photograph one random hobo. I mean ones where you actually need to plan how its going to be done. I dont mean all hitman type!! but for example I loved Franklins assassination missions for Lester, lets see more of that!. Or alternativly you could use assassinations as a random event in freeroam, but place the target in a building so you have to find a advantage point to kill him.. Just a thought. Thanks
Default-user Lee
What if i came into a match, Went after a bounty to realise that he had £1,000,000,000 on his head? Will that be taken away from me. After all it was a innocent act and I have bought cars and guns with it. TBH if rockstar take these away from me i dont know if i could be bothered to get the cash together again and will probably go sell the game for battlefield 4.
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