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Some of Provinciano's statements show that he didn't read or hear the info about it. One, Msoft has already said that this also means that indie devs will not be limited by anything and will have full access to the system as AAA titles, this includes cloud computing, 5gb ram, Kinect, etc If a triple A developer can use it, so can a self-publishing indie dev. Of course there will be fees and regulations to developing and self-publishing to prevent a game store clutter, and they also stated that they're going to have great discoverability for Indies, and that their games will be able to be found alongside triple A titles. I don't think Msoft would allow this change and allow a lot of half-assed, shitty games to,clutter up the marketplace. Socyeah, before any final judgments are made, lets hear more about it at Gamescon, it gets a little annoying to see people filling in the blanks with their own theories but they're presenting them as facts, especially when somebody as well known as Provinciano is saying them. I feel pain for his experience with Msoft. As far as indie games being published or made on the Windows OS portion of the console, that was pulled straight from his arse. The only thing Msoft has said about developing for the Windows OS was if developers wanted to get a Headstart at making APPS, not Games, then they might want to start developing for Win8. Just sayin, read up on your doctrine before you start preaching.
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