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Default-user Lauren Parker
jingcross said:
NVIDIA, Just solve Tomb Raider issue first before talk... -,-"
Unfortunately NVidia will not be able to resolve the Tomb Raider issue with 600 series. This explains why, "Its down to hardware design. It's to do with the ratio of double precision (FP64) to single precision. On GK104 Kepler, it's 1/24. On Tahiti, it's 1/4. On Titan, it's a whopping 1/3, equivalent to the Tesla K20X. Titan, however, comes with the DP performance crippled as GK104 to allow for higher clocks and boosts within TDP. You go to Nvidia control panel, and you enable the extra Double precision performance, and you sacrifice some clockspeed and GPU Boost 2.0, if I'm not mistaken. This explains Radeons' higher power draw than GK104 Kepler as well. The Radeons do not limit clockspeeds or disable boost to stay within TDP, while having double precision performance unleashed." Quote from Guru3D -yasamoka
Default-user Lauren Parker
GingerFeed said:
If you can't make a profit then don't do it. This is a business, and Nvidia clearly understands that. That could be why AMD doesn't make any money.
or maybe AMD had pretty much all the tech ready? 2x quad Kabini with extra CU's on a die, hardly going to take them much time to design is it, when the tech is all ready there.
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