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It had to happen eventually. I own all three PS3 offerings. Really good titles. The narration tied to the gameplay in Thomas was Alone is awesome!
Default-user Lacerz
GunGriffin said:
Um Xbox one is already crushing 360 in sales in the US, they will announce it at E3... Trust me on that...
According to Microsoft, they sold 2.29 times more Xbox Ones in the U.S. than they did 360s in the first three months. However, in the third month of the 360s life, they sold 250,000 consoles. This past January they sold almost half that, so they're experiencing quite a drop off in sales. Why else would they bundle a $60 game here in the U.S. for the same price as a launch console (way to reward the early adopters!)? Why else would they drop the price AND bundle a game in the U.K.? Microsoft is clearly having issues and not hitting internal numbers.
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