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Default-user Kurtis Stiger Patchett
well we shouldn't have to read a book if they do there job right in the first place we Wouldn't be having this issue and they have to bring a bleeding another Update out to sort Wireless Headsets and Flashplayer for the Ps4 it's pathetic they add 2 God dam Months to sort it and we can't Fucking be Angry about it Pffffffft
Default-user Kurtis Stiger Patchett
well it took them a very long time to sort the issues it's been 2 Months now since the Ps4 been out it's pathetic if you ask me it seem they don't care about it and they have to bring another Update to address some issues like Wireless Headsets and Flashplayer if they did there job right Wouldn't be complaining about it
Default-user Kurtis Stiger Patchett
they always doing it to Fuck ppl off they could of done it in the Night when some ppl are Alseep if we don't get an Update 1.53 after all this Shit with new stuff i'm gunna be really Pissed at Sony
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