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There are a lot of assumptions you're making here though, I know you mentioned it is hard to believe it would happen but really. Who is to say that with DRM, the Xbox One games would have been any cheaper? Games never became cheaper because of online pass implementation so why would studios which are used to getting so much money in, care about dropping the price point down? If anything they could have charged even more and probably gotten away with it because it is a "Next gen" game. Steam can afford to do sales of various titles because they have a lot of competition such as Good ol Games, individual distribution and even bundles now where people can pay what they want. Look at Origin for example, PC DRM and EA charges full retail price for games. Why would that suddenly change now?
Default-user kouga88
Good to see that despite it being so many years since they made a Sly Cooper title they haven't missed a beat. I'm surprised they were able to get all of the voice actors back, Sly didn't quite sound the same from the first trailer I saw. I wonder how the Vita version compares to the PS3...
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