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I thought the day 1 update was for other things. The cross region play and off screen play were supposed to come in April.
Default-user Korgoth
While I am excited for all the games listed to one extent, I am sad that Cloudberry Kingdom is not found on this list. That is right up there with Rayman in my mind, and just behind Monster Hunter for games I must have this year!
Default-user Korgoth
I keep seeing this argument thrown up by those who wanted to claim the Wii U was DOA. The Wii U was outsold by X or Y console, and didn't perform to some arbitrary point someone chose. By this logic, the 360 and the PS3 are flops as they were outsold for multiple years by the inferior last generation PS2. The Vita is still being outsold by the PSP which has been trounced by the DS, which until recently was doing better than the 3DS. The vast majority of systems are sold later into a consoles lifespan. Sure price drops make buying an older system a more attractive option to those who don't consider gaming their top priority. A bigger factor is the lack of software. A new system typically has a very minimal library to choose from. Few people are going to buy a system for a single game. Those few early adaptors who may buy a console right away do so with the trust that the console will produce more great games in the future, looking at it as an investment in future entertainment. Every consumer has their tipping point of price vs. must have games. Very few choose to buy systems early on. The Wii U can only be called a flop after it's first year (even then is kinda soon) if it sells less than it has this year.
Default-user Korgoth
coraphise said:
Don, I don't know that it's fair to toss Wii U in here just yet; it did just launch recently. 3DS and Vita have been out long enough though, and I...
I agree we shouldn't lob the Wii U in to this as the Wii really had become outdated and needed to be replaced. Of course, the Wii was launched with a 5-6 year lifespan. It achieved that, and is now being replaced like every other Nintendo console since the NES. I also think we shouldn't look down on the 3DS either as it has sold better than the DS did during the same period. It has some great games out for it and more in the pipe. HOWEVER, I'm personally not going to buy one. I hardly used my DS, and I still have games I own that are unfinished, but as I spend more time on my phone, portable systems are becoming more irrelevant. For those who really want the best processing/graphics/etc., they are always going to gravitate towards the PC. The console has always been a dedicated system that guarantees a library of compatible games. That is part of why accessories don't ever sell as well for consoles, because it breaks that guarantee. It won't surprise me either way MS and Sony go, but if they try to release anything too much better than what is available from them today, it's likely that they will sell poorly compared to PS3 and 360.
Default-user Korgoth
Lets not forget the fact the Patcher has been right just about never when it comes to Nintendo. I don't often hear him say anything about anything besides his usual bashing of Nintendo, but apparently someone keeps paying him to make mistakes. I would even go so far as to argue that because Patcher thinks Wii U will fail, it's going to be a Mega Hit. Perhaps not as big as the Wii, but then again, he's not decrying the Wii U as much as he did the Wii.
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