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If you know anything about video games you will know that programmers have limited space on a disc. Actually the game oblivion:Elder scrolls maps are so large it is spit onto a few discs and surprisingly gamers complained. I believe what the producers of the sims 4 are trying to do is cram as much as possible on to one disc and I guess there was only room for so much. I am actually glad they did this and stuck to one disc because the more discs, the more expensive the game will be. They really are trying to please the fans, and people who want to complain need to do some gaming research. I actually made the mistake of buying the sims expansion pack for pc when it first came out not knowing I needed the main disc. Only in the past few years could I finally afford the original Sims main package. The pricing on the original game was close to $60 not including the 8 expantion packs that cost between $30-$50 a piece. Does anyone see where I am coming from?
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