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Default-user kings
its not that I don't like it I just feel like console are going the way of arcades remember when you use to say this looks arcade perfect well with new consoles I feel like saying it almost PC perfect I know pc gamers have been saying this for years but their was a charm about a new Nintendo title that tick a lot of boxes when it came to affordable graphics remember wave race and Mario 360 camera control and lack of pixlation close up to 3D image star wars on N64 ready to rumble on Dreamcast shemue with QTE phantasy star even samba di amigo also FF7,metal gear on ps2 I feel no innovation just fulfilling last gen promise oh and GameCube luigi's mansion, monkey ball,eternal darkness and 4 controllers 1 machine any way I feel like the golden era of console is dead long live the consoles
Default-user kings
well looks like I will be buying a GTX 660ti at least its out now
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