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Default-user Kingrat
This game is honestly one of the best games I've ever played.
Default-user Kingrat
Someone didn't get the joke...
Default-user Kingrat
Pay the same price for an inferior console!
Default-user Kingrat
Rust & Day Z are really popular and I don't believe they have does Sony expect to compete?
Default-user Kingrat
Brok choy said:
Definitely creepy knowing how much info is on available to people.
Yeah. This definitely highlights the creep factor.
Default-user Kingrat
Let's be honest here. The Kinect already says when you're being naughty...aren't they just trying to make us act a certain way? Brainwashing?
Default-user Kingrat
DoofyanndtheVacuum said:
It's stupid that they have to specify that it will be about games. If you have to come out and say that it will be about games you've done...
Well....they've done a lot of things wrong this time around lol.
Default-user Kingrat
He says 'Xbox stuff' which can mean apps, 360 games, X1 ports. Not really game reveals.
Default-user Kingrat
Icheenee said:
'Lots of good Xbox stuff' so official sounding. Wow.
He's not the best spokesperson...
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