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Default-user Killer Carlson
You know the game is good when there's several dudes yelling at my screen watching me play MP "there's one! turn around dog!!!! oh s**t look out!" and everyone saying "Dude this game is fng awesome!" yes, MP is worth it and I'm gettn all the DLC.
Default-user Killer Carlson
Pac and Inspecta, no, not at all. the sp sucks, but it is semi-salvaged by playing it in co-op. The matchmaking on MP sucks, but everything else about the MP aspect of this game rocks. It took time to get used to, but now it's awesome. This game is all about MP. AVP2010 had it's flaws but it's still good. and AVP2 is one of the best games ever made, so it's not "shitty release after release" Also yea I was pissed about being lied to(the ACM Scandal), but GB did a great job with the MP and it's worth it if you're a fan.
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