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Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
Just Steam Big Picture this sucker and you have your console version right there!
Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
Who's to say they won't redeem themselves with the fourth game. Really only 1 game truly sucked which seems to be the 3rd, so maybe give them the chance to right their wrongs?
Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
So, like, I know she's supposed to be less sexual in this game, but god damn they designed her to be hot.
Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
RobydaRobot said:
Good the first dlc shouldnt have been shouldve been more content
A new game, just not with Corvo.
Default-user Kick_Your_Asphalt
Interesting! The achievements certainly hint at this being story based DLC unlike Dunwall. Woot!
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