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Default-user Kent T
kyle hoffman said:
I have a question if you bought stuff with moded money will those things dissapper because I got modded money because somebody gave it to me and I...
thats a good question. i would think, for them to do that they would have to verify where every dollar came from. that means checking the amount of money you currently have. how much actual game play you have, and cross-verify that with the amount of time it would take you to earn that amount in legitimate online play. i dont know if they track each individual mission and bounty you do, but if they do, then they have all the ammo they need to repo all the money and possessions bought with this cash. what do you think man
Default-user Kent T
Mazrox said:
Guess i'm stacking my garage with adders so when they fix the money i can sell them for 750k each .... fml
my point exactly. if rockstar would focus more on keeping their current players and attracting new ones, you would not have to stack your garage to keep enjoying your gameplay. have a nice day
Default-user Kent T
hello my name is kent. as an avid gamer, i have to say that in game rewards are key to fighting the urge to cheating or modding. if rockstar would unleash heists, or other mission or jobs modes that are more rewarding for the lower levels, these exploits would not have been so wide spread. for instance, if your lower than level 20, your best bet for money is survival. but who wants to sit there and play "zombies" for an hour and only get 20k. another point, the most desirable cars, your forced to save every dollar for a month of gameplay in order to get one adder, or the entity. 1 mil or 1.5 mil.... or of course you can go and spend a real 20 dollars to drive it on a video game when the game itsself will already be 60 bucks for the next 5 years. point being, i already had to but the usb memory expansion, 40 dollars. so i soent 120 walking out of the store. i do not want to spend another 20 dollars to enjoy a small part of the game. MY POINT.... i feel the developing team leans too much on making sure they make maximum revenue off the players, when its the players themselves you should be giving a more rewarding marketing approach. The game cards you can buy, double the amount of in game mmoney you get and you (ROCKSTAR) will have way more people buying legitimate money rather than 70% of your players feeling the need to mod, hack or exploit to enjoy what gta is supposed to be about. chances are, another company in there world will create a game similar, if not better. to retain your devoted players since the first midnight club, make it more rewarding for the people who DO play legitly. PLEASE CONSIDER AND COMMENT
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