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loveless said:
Ok so will every new game be a big DL? That's kinda huge. I don't think 500gb will be viable in the long run.
Just upgrade, my PS3 is running on a 1TB hard drive. The best part about the PS4 is that the drive is removable just like the PS3.
Default-user kboom22
I've been wanting them to bring back the Most Wanted series for a while and when they announced this I knew I needed it. Your review just justified a reason to own a copy of this game and it seems like it'll be a great racing experience.
Default-user kboom22
I'm glad you cleared up that it is not open world, because that is what I kept on hearing. Although really excited to explore the different areas the game has to offer. I have been excited for this game for a while now, and your review just ensured that this is a game that I want. It truly looks amazing.
Default-user kboom22
I love Borderlands because it is WUB WUB WUB amazing. The story is the catching point for me. It is a great story with some amazing dialogue and the characters are memorable. They keep me laughing my butt off which just makes me dive into the game even more. I feel like a bada** when I play this game and Borderlands 2 is going to have me playing for days straight.
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