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You have to understand Yovilles not your average game, you buy homes and decorate them and you buy clothes and hair etc for your avitar, I'm a long time player.I have met people going thru cancer treatments,( paralized people can walk in yoville they loved that)all kinds of medical treatments where they were stuck in bed for months. We went to parties had sales together or just sat and chatted for hours. Its a world of it's own. Hackers ruined yoville and Zynga couldn't fix it they were just making a new hack as soon as Zynga could patch it. Why can't they just burn a cd so we could keep our 100 houses lol. Zynga led people on for months saying the game was there to stay and milked people for every penny they could get and had a sale in game on yocash but they changed the price on the regular price so you thought you were getting a good deal and you were getting ripped off instead. They charged players VIP for months knowing they were going to trash the game. Their should be laws in California that they can't do that.
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