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Default-user Karen Johnson Furman
The fact that zynga may keep their piggy little paws in the game after going to kill us on 3/31, just pisses me off. Big Viking Games came to our aid, when we asked for it, and actually care about us. zynga never has, NEVER. I hope that zynga knows if they don't make a deal, that life will be way worse for them than they've already seen and I hope they don't try to screw Big Viking Games either, because that will cause the same result. We're not just playing here, we are dead serious.
Default-user Karen Johnson Furman
Being disabled, and living alone, I barely get out. My actual social contact is the occasional visit from my daughter or another friend and cashiers at the local grocery store... Therefore, I would like to add that I have met and enjoy some of the best people around on Yoville, it has been my sanctuary, my peace, my love for many years now. I have so many beautiful things and beautiful places that I will never achieve in this life and certainly could never afford, it's my place, it's my EVERYDAY for years now, and I play with other women who are in the same situation as I am. I think it's cruel to take this from people who NEED this game when they could at least leave it up... I will never ever use another Zynga product and if they won't let BVG buy it back, then they've sealed their fate with me, they are dead to me, and I will always be verbal and encourage people to not think that it won't happen to them eventually.
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