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Default-user Julie Bowen
OMGOSH...YOVILLE IS A HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME LIFE for me and many, many others. People who have anxiety problems, are bed-ridden, recovering from surgeries and tragedies, people in constant pain, etc, and just "regular" people who want to visit with others around the world. We love Yoville and do not want us it to end. It is like a family to us. And, there are so many things to do together like buying and decorating houses, driving cars, sharing dinner or coffee, dancing at our nightclubs, taking care of pets, fabulously dressing and accessorizing our super-fun personal avatars, joining clubs, attending church services, holding public-service events for things like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, entering our avatars in fashion shows, holding memorial services for friends who pass away in real life...I could go on and on. Please help us save Yoville!!!
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