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I love fable 1 and 2. fable 3 was really lame becuse i didt like the store to it and i didt get lots of outfits and stuff like that. My gf playing Fable 1 right now i bout it for my xbox360 for i think $15 i was mad it dont have the other stuff to it like fight jack when his a dragon. I hope lionhead makes fable 4 more like 1 and 2 i like how i get to pick a girl or a guy on 2 and i also like how i can change the color of my stuff on my person on 2. but fable one and cool arrmor like i love the helm on fable 1 the gold and black one. I hope u make the hero someone that lost it all then become a hero. I hope fable 4 will be good and i will per order it when i can but I hope u dont let me down lionhead :) also can u make it were u can play online with other fable people as a team or to pvp with people. Thx you loinhead for leting us to put ideas out to help make fable 4.
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