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Take two, you arnt fooling anyone. the players want to spend real money to buy fake money.....really. the players really were anoyed with the free billions they were given to them. What ever!!! The ONLY reason people may not of wanted the money is because they thought they may get banned. Not because its unfair or they wanted to earn it there selves, etc....I do admit some people may of enjoyed earning the money there selves, but earning it is way to hard. Plus the unlocking thing is good for a sense of achievement plus your rp. giving people $10.000 gta dollars if lucky for a mission then charging them $12500 for insurance claim on there adder is awful. youve been very busy nerfing pay outs. but nothings changed the other way. $450 for hair cut,$50.000 for a turbo, Hospital bills and this bill and that bill. all for one thing......No one wants to buy shark cards. Or what ever amazing fun name you come up with. People may be buying them, but they dont enjoy buying them im sure. And im pritty much 100% sure buying fake money brings no-one any happiness other than yourselves . We should all who appose it get a patition together and make rockstar and take-two listen to what we want not what they want us to want. Micro transactions is a fancy word for give is more money. I love gtao. I had loads of fun when i was a billion air. But now when I'm having a laugh with my mates i genuinely have to nerf my own fun because if i don't i will have no money left. Then i will have to repeat crap missions time and time again or buy fake money. If i ever end up with no money. I will put the game down and move on. Well done rockstar.
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