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Default-user Joseph Wilson
Kind of shocked that I'm reading a lot of Positive reviews when a good portion of the Horror was cut out of this game. And No it isn't just because of the Co-op because I played a good portion of it in Single Player and it's no wheres near as Scary as the first two games. I know I can go back and play the first two games and still get jumpy/scared to some degree. I didn't jump or get excited once when playing this game. I'm seeing some review websites giving this 8/10 and 9/10, and to those review Websites I suspect people were either paid off or have Family Members who work for EA games. To even rate this 3rd Entry anywheres near the first two games is a joke in my opinion. Maybe some of these review websites didn't even actually play the game or really didn't play the first two games because if they did play the first two games, I do not know how they have given it such Positive Reviews... I know everyone has a different opinion, but it seems like a lot of people are giving this high Ratings that I don't believe it deserves, and I agree with most of the Youtubers bashing the game to some extent. This is not the Dead Space 3 I wanted, I did not want Gears of War type game. I wanted the Dead Space genre not some lackluster Story with barely any jump moments.
Default-user Joseph Wilson
Is a demo coming out for Steam or a Demo in general for the pc? I hope, because I want to test it out on my rig.
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