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Femundrogicon Jon Prosperi
MaddBomber83 said:
I registered just for you writer. Just a few quotes to get you started.... "I was level 50 within the first week of launch..." "the heart of the...
Hey MaddBomber, thanks for registering. Great to hear your response. I have heard this argument before, but I am not convinced that it applies to me personally, nor that it is a compelling argument in the case of WildStar. First off, I played WildStar for about six months prior to release. During the beta phase, I leveled an Esper to 50 slowly, as well as an Engi to 33, and multiple characters on both factions into the 20s. It was only after I did that that I felt comfortable power-leveling a character for end-game content during live. I realize that makes me something of an exception for the argument I'm making, so I'll move to my 2nd point: WildStar was built to cater to this audience. My 'poison', as you so eloquently put it, is the audience WildStar was looking to pick up to make up their leaders for 20 and 40-man raiding. Carbine tried to cater to this audience on the one hand and scold them with the other. If the game is built with hardcores in mind (and I'd argue it was), then they should have expected this type of mentality and prepared for it. If it was built for a more casual player base, would would go slower etc, then they missed the mark with how they prepared their non-raiding end game content. I definitely plan to go back to WildStar with a more casual mindset in the future. Raiding was my job for those few weeks, but I'd like to go back and put some more time into PvP, crafting, and housing. That said, I don't think that is the player base Carbine was looking for, and I think they will need to rethink their strategy if they want to remain competitive.
Femundrogicon Jon Prosperi
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