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Are you sure you played the same game as I did? It was Heart of the Swarm was it not? The story of hots implies that you are brain dead, it has so many pathetic dialogue lines, a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense, inconsistencies with previous sc1 story. It's just sooo bad I can't even describe. It feels like a 5 year old kid wrote the storyline. It is a bit fun to play the missions but the campaign sucks over all. A 9.5? Who paid you to write this review come on..... The campaign sucks the multiplayer is kind of ok. I did buy it mostly for the multiplayer. So if you are keen on playing online and you liked what wol had to offer then you should buy this game. If you are more of a single-player experience kind of person this is just some corny poo sprinkled with cheese and dementia and you should stay away from it.
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