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" the Xbox One is still a luxury item, more so than the PlayStation 4 due to the lack of indie support and the strength of the Instant Game Collection." Hahaha! Where was this guy last gen when the 360 was the place for indie games? Nobody gave a shit about them then! Also, the X1 currently has more full retail exclusives than the PS4, as well as, new IP's! But it's Xbox so facts don't matter right? Jeez, MS has invested $1 billion into game development (something Sony can only dream of btw) righted every wrong since the X1 reveal, completely gutted management and reversed some old annoying policies (which I never thought they would do) and still, people bitch and moan about them! It doesn't matter what MS does to try and win over people there will always be a few that will still complain. This whole article feels like it should have been directed towards the PS4 rather than the X1.
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