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Default-user John Newman
Wow! I cant even edit my own post! Ignore my last comment please because it was suppose to be my rough draft but this website wont let me edit. Basically, Superman should have won. Batman fanboys are crazy. I hate Batman now because he always wins.
Default-user John Newman
Batman won but he shouldnt have! Im seriously getting tired of Batman winning by popular vote when its obvious he shouldnt win. Battle arena completely ruined this game for me. Im going back to DCU Online, its a better game anyway. Im really bothered by this......I even dislike Silent Bob now. I mean this isnt rocket science, Batman lined up with Superman in a straight up fight, loses. This isnt about prep time or giving Batman any advantages. Its a straight up fight! Using common sense Superman destroys him! Superman can move the freaking planet! But NOOO! He loses to a man dressed up in a costume. YEAH RIGHT! Ok. Speed of Light, 1 punch, Batman goes splat all over the place. BTW Silent Bob if Superman ever lost it and went rouge THE PLANET IS DEAD! Superman can never lose it! There is no plan in the world that can stop Superman if he loses his morals. Common sense! Superman without Morals would think im tired of this ppl in my win Im going to kill everyone in sight or maybe ill just destroy the entire planet! How does Batman Stop and Light speeding Superman smashing into the center of earths core genus? Batman would need prep before he lost it. The only possible way is if he knew Superman was going rouge. You can never have Superman lose it completely. You can have him depressed and doing things out of character but he can never lose all his morals if that happens its the END! Sorry Bob, Batman has no plan for Superman losing it, there is no plan at all for Superman losing it. Maybe if someone else controlled his mind and used him for their own agends? Ok, I can deal with that. But Superman can never lose control....that just makes no sense. You can have Supermans morals get twisted but he cannot lose all control. You obviously are not thinking before you said it. I personally think your just a fanboy that didnt want to see Batman lose. Thank GOD you never got to write or direct your own Superman movie! I cant have fanboying idiots messing with my favorite character that personality doesnt know what Superman means or is all about. PLEASE DC PLEASE DO NOT LET BATMAN WIN ANOTHER CONTEST! I might need to seriously start thinking about swtiching over to Marvel. Atleast there I dont see Hulk beating Silver Surfer or Spiderman beating Thor because of Popular votes. If this keeps happening...then DC needs to just go ahead and sell the rights to Superman over to Marvel. Atleast this way when Batman wins I wont care so much. One more thing before I go......this is to Silent Bob. Batman beats everbody huh? Let me see Batman take out the Spectre or the Antimonitor by himself. Batman beats everybody...yeah right.
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