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Honestly, I really don't see why people are freaking out like they are about this Xbox reveal. When you get down to it, what were we expecting? We actually SAW the console, which looks simply amazing, and some of the new innovative features included right out of the box. And that's not to say I particularly like the idea of moving my hand around and talking to the Xbox instead of just using a controller, but anyone who says that the snap and instant switching features weren't impressive is just lying. Also, no more annoying updates when you turn on the console, you are instantly into your games or whatever entertainment you were hoping to access, I feel that is something that was lost in all of this. Also it is 20 days from E3. E3. The most important interactive media event every year. To go into all of their new titles and franchises now would be like shooting off all of your fireworks on July 3rd. I know, and I am speaking from the perspective of a gamer here, that nothing would be worse than waiting for E3 only to say, "Yup, seen all of that already, nothing I didn't already know." E3 is gaming fans time, now is the time for the average guy who searches "new Xbox" into Google, to see all of the sports and stuff he likes. I would have loved nothing else than for the reveal to be a list of hardware specs and tons of game footage, but i'm a GAMER, I will follow E3 with interest, most people wont know what it even is. So if this event wasn't the by gamers for gamers event you were looking for, I turn your attention to E3.
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