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Default-user Jinx
I saw a Raptr chart that said more people have been playing Skyrim than TESO. Does Steam collect and display data like that too?
Default-user Jinx
Has anyone played Heroes ?? What do you guys think?
Default-user Jinx
commented on H1Z1 monetization plans revealed in reply to Kingrat
Kingrat said:
Rust & Day Z are really popular and I don't believe they have does Sony expect to compete?
By releasing it on the PS4
Default-user Jinx
Evagreen said:
Woop! This is gonna be awesooome
Yeah the payouts are totally worth it.
Default-user Jinx
Totally gonna take part in this, had no plans for Friday anyway
Default-user Jinx
New content for GTA and Blacklight? Great week!
Default-user Jinx
So happy with this. I know a lot of people didn't like this game but it definitely grew on me.
Default-user Jinx
Fack said:
I get it for free! I was really upset when they took Skullgirls off of the market but I'm glad to have it back!
Same. This game was alotta fun
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