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You know why I bought a PS4 instead... when I could have gotten a Wii U anytime... because I look at that list and I see the same thing I've seen from Nintendo since I 1st bought my NES in the 80's .. Mario and Zelda. I'm glad Nintendo is there for kids and those nostalgic for those games I loved them. I still look at the new Mario and Zelda when they come out a little wistfully.. but they do what they always do... rehash old stuff (wind waker was 2 consoles ago for pete's sake)... and trot out the same 4 or 5 IP's with a fresh coat of last gen's paint... and wait for the bucks to roll in. Let's be honest.. Nintendo has been on a down slide since Gamecube. They do a great job on the handheld market... but they lost the big screen years ago. Wii was a fluke. They took the idea of their old light gun games, expanded on it to make games as easy as they could for everyone and they hit lightning in a bottle... and everyone was up off their couches bowling... for a couple of months. Then the fad wore off. And all those Wii's sit collecting dust... like mine is doing right now. I bought it for Mario... beautiful game... I played 3 or 4 times and while cool... and cute... yep, still Mario. My girls could play it too if they wanted... but they are playing minecraft on 360... Little Big Planet on PS3... on Doki Doki Universe on PS4 (they can't wait for Don't starve to come out). The world of gamers is out growing Nintendo. And those coming to replace them seem to start handheld... then grow up into a Sony or MS product.... leaving the home console behind. Hey I loved Atari too... but they simply lost the support of their fans... so did Turbo-Graphx 16 and even Sega... Nintendo's strength is it's existing back catalog of games and the strong IP's they have. Unfortunately, for many, that's not enough to sell consoles... and as a result, fewer people are expose to what was once the home for the best games in the world... and that's a shame. .... But hey... they could prove me wrong... the Wii-U is the 1st Nintendo console I've never owned... because I'm tired of repeated disappointment. Sales would suggest I'm not the only one.
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