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Are you an idiot? I'm seriously wondering. It's an episodic game and not supposed to be released all at once. They release the content in chapters as they create it and you pay either by chapter, or just prepay for the whole thing before the individual episodes come out. It's just a different business model and caters to people who maybe don't want to wait 2 years for a full game to come out before they start experiencing the story. The walking dead game by telltale is fine for what it is, just a little episodic game with an interesting story-line. I don't know what you expected, but the game is fine as it is. And by the way, I haven't encountered a single bug. I played season 1 on ps3 and started season 2 on pc. Sure i dont have my save from ps3, so my choices there dont impact season 2, but who cares. its just a rinky little game thats fun to play. It's not the best game ever, but its far from the worst in terms of enjoyment and technical quality. This article is worthless. I swear anyone with half a brain can write a bullshit article these days.
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