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FiddleMcGriddle said:
Not crazy about the smaller plots, but the idea of multiplayer is freaking genius
That's what makes me wary about this one.
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Still not sold on this. A lot of changes that made me love SimCity 4 are gone now. Also, small plots wtf?!
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My god this sexy game!
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Joe Donato said:
It's pretty crazy but as long as the current gen versions don't hold back the next gen counterparts I'm okay with it. Especially if there's...
I agree, I'm really interested in seeing how the release of the PS4 will impact sales of PS3 versions of games. Obviously not every gamer will pick up a PS4 at launch, but it will, at least to me, seem like you're buying a downgraded version.
Biscuit JewBiscuit
People still like this series?
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Considering the stylus support, it's sad that the game isn't making its way to the Wii U. Just sayin!
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Gooey_Kerplooey said:
Wow, PS3 owners are still actually playing this?!
My thoughts exactly
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Thomas Adams said:
While they've said that Pre-owned games wont be blocks, Everyone seems to forget how much they are pushing Digital media which does exactly the...
Looking at the Vita, the games are barely cheaper, IF at all when purchasing through digital, so I can see that being the same case for the PS4 imo
Biscuit JewBiscuit
Don't you mean... PHAT update???
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Goblinoid said:
Sometimes you just need to forgive bad games in good franchises.
Looking at Origins, it's hard to imagine this game will be bad. The demo already sold me on it.
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