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Default-user Jeff McCoy
Very, very well put, Bliss. That's what this story needs, the human element. You've got a great heart.
Default-user Jeff McCoy
Matt Liebl said:
I don't play Yoville, but it's clear that you are all passionate about your game. I hope, for all of you, that Zynga rethinks their position.
Thanks, Matt. Many of us are well invested in the game - it's an emotional bond that's hard to understand.
Default-user Jeff McCoy
I have been playing this for 5 years, have extensive collections and virtual places. I love the social interactivity, I've actually met some very great people online here. Also, it provides the users with the ability to create virtual space for group socialization as well. I've had many a a get-together with friends using this game. Additionally, I've always enjoyed meditative activities, and used the right way, Yoville is a great jumping off point, since you can create a virtual space with an environment customized to suit the mood you're seeking. (Tropical paradise, mountain resort, Haunted House, or even a lovely room decked out for the Holidays) My wife specializes in the latter, she enjoys the game as much as I do, and is sad about losing all the efforts invested into creating these worlds. Kudos to Big Viking Games for trying to take the game back over - I wish them Godspeed - and pledge I will be spending a lot of time with your other games, to show support!
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