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Default-user Jeff M
Bombalomba said:
No one will ever know more than this. Multiplayer all the way!
Well one guy might.
Default-user Jeff M
Why did that go with that outfit ??
Default-user Jeff M
Marked for death sounds good. I want to know more about tag.
Default-user Jeff M
LOL the image. But really, the toddlers thing doesn't bother me but not being able to create a pool does.
Default-user Jeff M
Michael Knutson said:
Hope the next one has a single player story mode
IMO a single player campaign has no place in this game.
Default-user Jeff M
maplewar said:
Unity used to be the only affordable engine out there. Epic is doing game devs a favor with this. It's awesome.
We should see a lot of indie games out of this!
Default-user Jeff M
Hopefully they don't create a paywall hidden game again. I think Amazon can create some great things, kinda silly to limit themselves to Android.
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