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heartles said:
In addition to everyone else's comments, the tokens aren't being sold by valve. They're sold in the community market, the tokens are earned by...
Valve takes 15% of all Summer Adventure cards/tokens sold on the community market. In the first two days, about $55,000 in steal tokens alone were sold, so Valve took in ~ $8200 in transaction fees. That number doesn't include the amounts they made on increased card sales, team tokens, bonus point tokens, etc - only the three steal tokens. Considering they gave out 180 free games in the first two days, they made back the cost of the prizes (assuming the average price/game is less than or equal to about $45) with nothing but steal tokens, which cost them nothing to produce. Once you factor in the other tokens/cards, they more than made their money back. They dangled a prize in front of us, and it got us to dump more money into their pockets than what they gave back in prizes. It's nuts. I get that some people are competitive, but this isn't the place for it. Steam holiday events used to be about *actual video games* - achievement hunts and special in-game content. But Valve has figured out that it's more profitable to give us a game-ified marketing gimmick with a free-to-play, pay-to-win model. By refusing to compete, we 1) lower the cost of participation to the point where it's (arguably) actually worth it, and 2) send a message to Valve that maybe they should stop working on exploitative monetization schemes and start working on something else (hint, hint).
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