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I can't speak for the numbers. I mean, 9 million+ current players must mean 9 million+ purchasers of Mists of Pandaria, right? I was a 5 year WoW player who quit sometime around the end of 2011. I mean... space demons and Blood Elves, Lich King and Undead Vikings, Giant Dragon out to destroy the world.... Pandas? Maybe the author's data is incomplete here, even though his 25% drop in WoW players seems to be accurate. I think the point is more that WoW is beginning a downward spiral following the release of this expansion... I quit WoW following disappointment in Cataclysm's revamping of all the classic WoW content that I had gotten used to over the years, and I have no interest in Pandaria. It's a matter of content, and as the author pointed out, the availability of other quality MMOs.
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