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Jbumi commented on 8 awesome games of 2015 not named Fallout 4:
It's been out for over a year, but just came to consoles so it's my first time playing it. It's the most involved, dense game I've ever played. There's so much going on that I can muck about for hours & only explore a couple of houses/small dungeons. I can tell I'll be playing this well into next year. It's my GOTY hands down. What is it? Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. If you love RPGs you've got to give it a go! ????
1 day ago
Jbumi commented on 5 games of 2015 we're most thankful for:
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut was a very good discount game. GOTY (for me) was Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition!
4 days ago
Jbumi commented on Nestle to release Kit Kat covered in real gold:
Eat enough of these, & you'll need that gold for fillings!
7 days ago
Jbumi commented on Woman thought dead found 10 years later playing CrossFire in internet cafe:
That someone could live in an internet cafe (for TEN YEARS no less!) is mind boggling to me. That the police located her after all this time is also amazing (I'd like to know what a "routine check on internet cafes" entails).
8 days ago
Jbumi commented on Watch a man eat a 10 McRib fat stack in glorious 60FPS:
Between this & Hardee's "Most American Thickburger" I'm beginning to consider becoming a vegetarian!
14 days ago
Jbumi commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider writer includes a tribute to the late Terry Pratchett:
That's the sweetest story I've read in a long time. As a fan of both of their's work I think it's fantastic. Thanks for putting a smile on my face! ????
15 days ago
Jbumi commented on New Star Trek TV series to release in 2017:
I had never even heard of CBS All Access prior to this article! When they show it on regular CBS, I'll watch it. Until then they're SOL!
29 days ago
Jbumi commented on Vladimir Lenin's statue transformed into Darth Vader:
Burying the past doesn't change it. This brings to mind the old quote, "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it."
about 1 month ago
Jbumi commented on Man claims Studio Ghibli's Totoro inspired him to shoplift umbrella:
Do not let this guy watch "Singin' in the Rain"!!!
about 1 month ago
Jbumi commented on The PlayStation 3 reportedly discontinued:
With PS1 & 2, I'd been a big JRPG fan. The PS3 was when I added WRPGs into that mix. It started when someone gave me Sacred 2. At the time, it was the buggiest game I'd ever played (Fallout: New Vegas now takes that title), but I had an enormous amount of fun with it. Thanks for helping expand my repertoire, PS3! :)
about 1 month ago
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