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I've been gaming since SMB, and I can say as well, now having children. I NEVER thought they'd take it this far. I'm not sure how it even got on the shelves. I remember the 'hoopla' for 'Hot Coffee' which wasn't even visible to those without a modded xbox, and altered/uncommented code-base. This takes it to an entirely new level, and I'm actually slightly saddened by it. I'm not a 'bible thumping christian' here, but I don't get why I'd return to the strip club more than once (see it, and I'm done). To show your friends perhaps?. Likewise the prostitution makes no sense as the top 2 services are the same thing, with different costs. It seems as if they threw these features in for shock value. Which the game doesn't need as it in and of itself, the possibilities it gives you, and what you can achieve, IS the shock value! Rockstar, I love you, I pre-ordered, and I rate the game a solid 9 out of 10. But damn guys you really went too far on this one. It isn't 'realistic' and it doesn't need to be. When will game-devs start realizing profanity and nudity don't equate to adult content...
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