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Assassin's Creed III was way better than Assassin's Creed IV.Truth is don't get me wrong I did not completely hate AC4 it was fun when it last. Like I loved the Naval Combat but I admit it gets boring after a while. The game really rely more on stealth which was awesome, too. But Edward combat was water down meaning combat was boring he only played with two swords and than had four guns. Connor had a variant of different weapons which made killing people so fun like Double Counter kills and different ways of assassinating an enemy. Edward Kenway is boring as fuck like all he thought about was plundering ships and making money, he had no rich past and his development was weak, "Oh I been a real dick to you assassins, forgive me, even though I killed hundreds of my bothers . The present story line was thee worst of the game. I loved playing with Desmond and unlocking the secrets of The Last Civilization it what really made me love the game and people seem to forget that, which upsets the shit out of me. The total gameplay of the game, especially the stupid first person hacking computers of the present time completely pissed me off because it fucking sucked!
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