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Default-user Jason Andrew Hahn
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this is another article by another M$ paid off idiot ...simple fact xbox could of kept all features without DRM ...but they are to interested in...
Go vanish, they have already highlighted they intend to still add some of the features but no they needed drm to prevent the pirating that would go along with digital. I like how when a PS fanboy see's anything that says Xbox isn't evil --- they were paid to write it -_- enjoy the same old same old
Default-user Jason Andrew Hahn
I'm a competitive gamer who sticks with the same group of friends. Group Video chat via Skype, Live feed games via twitch and dedicated servers via Microsoft Cloud are then enough, over looked features to pass the ps4. Furthermore Xbox's new gold sharing feature allows anybody on the xbox to enjoy the benefits of a gold member provided one person on the console has a gold membership.... If you have more then one person in your house who just wants to game online on their own profile, this is a much better deal. If I was an offline single player gamer I'd buy the ps4, but if you have family, roommates you'll save more, later buy buying the xbox
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