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Lemonade tycoon is a great economics game for both adults and students alike. It allows the gamer the opportunity to achieve a lot of success. In this game, success is achieved through careful strategic planning. You start off with a small lemonade stand in the small and quiet suburbs. However with care planning each day, you can quickly start moving up in the world. It teachers students a number on different of economics concepts such as wants and needs, product demand, advertising and budgeting, to mention a few. With so much opportunity for growth in the game, it is easy to measure success as you earn more money and your business starts to blossom. It is easy to measure your profits or losses and requires students to change their approach if minimal profits are being made. As far as the games graphics are concerned, they are nothing to get overly excited about with graphics of a similar quality to the old Super Nintendo games of the 90’s. The music also quickly becomes quite repetitive and tedious. All things considered, I found the game to be quite addictive, with lots of opportunity for success. The game provides plenty of learning opportunities for students through rich hands on economics concepts.
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