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Default-user Jamie D
Einhorn said:
This game looks REALLY cool.
@Scorpion You must be a Xbox Fanboy. Go back to CoD little boy. Sony offers actual games that go far beyond just shooting.
Default-user Jamie D
Seth A Drekin said:
This still has nothing to do with Audience or Power. The only reason Frostbyte wasn't ported to the Wii U is because EA is still mad about Origin....
Could be... either way Wii U isn't getting any EA games which hurts
Default-user Jamie D
toddeffinhaley said:
EA is full of ignorant fucks, the wii u can put out more power than a ps3, they just have no clue how to harness it. way to go. way to aid the...
It's EA's fault the Wii U doesn't have any user base?
Default-user Jamie D
Competition from NBA Live? bahahahahaha
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