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Default-user JamesWuzHere
MonkeyPants said:
This whole Epsilon Program thing is pretty damn hilarious
Wait, wait wait.... is it?!
Default-user JamesWuzHere
TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
Not Kafka-esque?
Default-user JamesWuzHere
Damn! completely forgot about this yesterday! I've been dying to try out MH3U. Also waaaaaat, FZERO?! holy shit I haven't played that since its SNES days, so I'll definitely be spending 30 cents on that.
Default-user JamesWuzHere
I'm throwing mo-- oh you get the damn point!
Default-user JamesWuzHere
I can't even begin to express how happy I am with Nintendo these days. Like seriously, each Nintendo Direct has been phenomenal so far. Last one was slightly better, but this one did have some solid announcements
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