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Default-user James Gowan
Interesting article! Thanks! It seems to me like FROM is taking advantage of every chance they've gotten. I think they wanted to make some money with DEMONS and were surprised when it got a serious following. It was enough of a boost of confidence that they really wanted to take advantage of sudden momentum and put an awesome game with DARK. Then the PC PETITION came and all of the fans that came due to DARK being so good. Things are just really going their way and I see a company who is being smart about what they say and what they don't say. And before you bring up the word "accessible", remember "any publicity is good publicity" and that was actually something that turned into gold for them. I don't think they meant to cause doubt but you never know. Much free press has been given to them and DS2 simply because of that word and they have capitalized on it. I think they are betting the farm on this next title and are sparring no expense to make sure that it is everything that fans are hoping for. I also believe that Miyazaki is working on DEMONS 2 for the PS4. We'll also see, I'm betting, DS2 on next gen consoles around March 2014... they'll push out DLC for DS2 for those who bought on current gen systems and release the full version with DLC to the next gen consoles; this was a plan that worked well with DS DLC and the release of the PC's Prepare to Die edition and it seems logical that they'd do it then. Will we ever see Dark Souls on the new engine? That would be a makeover I'd love to see but that's doubtful. Lots of stuff is going on right now and I can't wait to see what cards From Software is holding!
Default-user James Gowan
I too have subscribed to VV's channel and look forward to every new video. As a huge fan of the game, I am always dumbfounded by how often people say "Dark Souls doesn't have a story". True, you do have to look for it and some of the story lines stop if you don't progress in the proper way (Kill Lautrec; Don't use the Lost Izalith shortcut to aid Knight Solaire; Aid siegmeyer of catarina too much) -- I have enjoyed the individual NPC lines and have tried to follow all of them as they add so much to the overall thrill of the game. Yes, you can just blow through the game and blast the A button through all the dialogue but you miss out on so much. For those considering this epic quest, I would recommend checking out VaatiVidya channel on youtube. Although he would be the first to tell you that more than a bit of the lore he has pieced together is oftentimes his own guesswork, it's all very educated guesswork as he obviously sifts through the game with diligence.
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