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80x80_portrait James Andrew Coote
There is already a small but growing community on the various unofficial OUYA forums (such as Hopefully the community will only increase in size and strength when the OUYA launches later this month
80x80_portrait James Andrew Coote
What were the figures for the previous generation? How many ppl said they would buy Xbox360 or PS3 or Wii the year those systems were announced? Also, how many people usually buy at launch compared to the numbers that wait a couple of months? I imagine a lot of people who will probably be buying will take the approach of waiting till launch and then judging based on reviews, but with the assumption that unless something really terribly comes up in those reviews, they are going to be buying
80x80_portrait James Andrew Coote
Would it be cool if you could use this sort of GIS technology for players to actually play in accurate real world cities?
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