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Reading this article, I don't think the author really got the reason why people got mad at the news. There is a very simple reason why people got so angry at the news: Redigit hyped the announcement up before it was revealed. Terraria had its final official update on the PC very early this year, and while many people were sad, they accepted the fact and moved on. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, Redigit comes out and says "Something is boiling in the Terraria pot." He even released a teaser picture. People were buzzing on the Terraria forums. Was the game going to be updated finally? Was the game no longer dead? The fans of the original game, a game they all got for the PC, got excited all over again. Then the news came. "You want to see the new content? You must own a console and pay us all over again!" Yes, people overreacted, but the fact of the matter was that it doesn't have much to do with entitlement as people feeling that their chains got yanked. The people anticipating this news before it came out were people who were fans specifically thanks to the PC version, so they assumed the hype was aimed at them. When they were proven wrong, they felt upset? Why would Redigit excite the PC fans for news that had nothing to do with the PC version? If the story was that 505 Games came out of nowhere and said, "Hey, we're gonna bring Terraria to the consoles with new content!" people would not be that upset. They knew Redigit was done working with the game, so a new company stepping in for a new iteration would have been fine. Redigit has a reputation even outside of Terraria of having poor PR skills, and it happened again here. Now I myself am still probably going to buy Terraria again on my PS3 if the new content is sizable, but I can sympathize with the people who are angry, even if a lot of them got out of hand. The point here is that I feel this story is passing judgement on a bunch of people without considering all the facts that led to the outrage.
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