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You are right. I am not going to debate you. Been there done that on about 200 national shows, and I believe, according to independent sources, I won 98% of those debates. I got a standing ovation at the Screw Attack convention in Dallas a few years ago. Contact them if you don't believe it. I know what I am talking about and you don't.
Default-user Jack Thompson
I have absolutely no desire to get through to or convince gamers. They are the enemy. but thanks for asking
Default-user Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson explains the problems with violent video games so clearly that even a brain-damaged gamer might (might) understand. Here is my interview today from the top morning drive radio program in Tulsa, OK:
Default-user Jack Thompson
Call of Duty had EVERYHING to do with what this guy did. Finally, the massacre pigeons are coming home to roost in the board rooms of the video game industry. And I am assisting those pigeons. You can count on that. Jack Thompson, still the industry's worst nightmare. I wrote Take-Two this BEFORE we knew of the game causal link in the Navy Yard massacre: John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A. 5721 Riviera Drive Coral Gables, Florida 33146 305-666-4366 September 16, 2013 Strauss Zelnick, Chairman C/o Legal Department Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. New York, New York Via Fax to 646-536-2926 Re: Illegal Sales of Mature-Rated Grand Theft Auto V to Kids under 17 Years of Age Dear Mr. Zelnick: As you know, I appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes more than eight years ago to alert parents, that Take-Two the company of which you are the Chairman of the Board, fraudulently and thus illegally markets and distributes its Mature-rated video games to buyers under the age of 17 years, in violation of your own industry’s standards as set forth by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Tomorrow, GTA V, the latest sex-filled murder simulation iteration of your Grand Theft Auto games, will be released. I see in today’s news that your company is “investigating”’s alleged distribution of GTA V ahead of the September 17 date. Far more troubling than this early release is the fact that Internet retailers like routinely sell M-rated Grand Theft Auto games to young customers in restricted age groups without attempting to verifying their ages whatsoever. The mere use of a credit card does not constitute, as a matter of law, verification of its user’s age. This commercial practice in which you participate at your own retail web site constitutes a fraudulent and deceptive trade practice by you and your company. As you know, you and I met several years ago face-to-face in your wealthy friend’s condo across the street from Central Park, and I simply asked you to stop marketing and selling your Mature video games to children. I promised to stop all efforts against your company if you simply lived up to video game industry standards in that regard. You refused. You promised instead to destroy me in front of our host who brokered the meeting, Rev. Larry Poland. Last month an eight-year-old boy in Louisiana shot and killed his grandmother after training to do so on one of your Grand Theft Auto video games. I didn’t conclude that—the prosecuting District Attorney concluded that. A day of reckoning is come, Strauss. Here is what is going to happen: Some kid to whom your company marketed and sells the GTA V murder/porn simulator will kill someone, and the surviving family will sue your company for the copycat killing. That suit will get through all the fabricated, lying defenses erected by your lawyers at Blank Rome and other firms, just as a plaintiff finally broke through against Big Tobacco and its lying lawyers. It is going to happen. It is not a matter of if but when. So congratulations, Strauss, for shepherding GTA V to tomorrow’s release of what all experts are predicting will be the most sex-filled, the most violent, and the highest grossing (no pun intended) video game of all time. But while you are sowing the wind, you will, I happen to know, reap the whirlwind. Consider yourself warned. Personal regards, Jack Thompson Copy: Rev. Larry Poland, significant others
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